Pay-Per-Visit Price List

Visitors are welcome to use the Sports Centre on a pay-per-visit basis at the prices set out below. We also offer monthly and annual membership packages - please click here to learn more.

Swimming is a great form of exercise without the impact on your joints. 

Adult Swim£2.50£5.00
Concession / Child / Student Swim£1.90£3.35
Swim and Gym Casual£9.20
Private Swimming Lessons (30 minutes)£15.50






Our fitness classes and the fitness suite is excellent value for money.  All our fitness suite staff are fully qualified to give guidance or develop a programme specific for you. If you need an extra push, why not book in for some personal training to help you reach your goals?

Swim and Gym Casual£9.20
Fitness Suite / Fitness Class£4.00£6.80
Concession / Student Gym£3.10£4.00
Gym Induction£6.80
Gym Programme£13.55
Personal Training (1 Hour session)£26.50

These vouchers are very popular and do not have an expiry date so you can use them whenever suits you. These are a great alternative to setting up a membership if you are unsure how often you will use the centre or as a gift!

Prices for 10 sessions
Fitness Suite£52.00
Fitness Classes£52.00

 Squash is becoming a popular sport, especially during the evenings so booking is advisable. Our three squash courts can be hired for 45-minute sessions, seven days a week. 

Adult Squash£1.85£3.40
Concession / Child / Student Squash£1.60£2.70

 Badminton is growing more popular but our Sports Hall is very busy so booking in advance is a must!

Adult Badminton£2.05£4.10
Concession / Child / Student Squash£1.80£3.60