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Welcome to Ampleforth

Limited places available for 2019/20 academic year
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Our Community

We are a community of more than 50 monks, who seek God according to the Gospel and the Rule of St Benedict. At the heart of our life together are our common celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours and the Eucharist, our private prayer, and our reflection on the Word of God in Scripture.
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Our intent is to be Europe’s foremost Catholic boarding school. We aim to nurture talent wherever it is to be found; and we believe it is to be found in everyone. We have never been an exam factory, and this will not change. But our ambition for academic achievement is, and will stay, higher than ever.
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Ampleforth Society

Many threads lead to this valley – from the homes of current and former Amplefordians and their families and from the hearts of the many friends who have come here seeking peace and reflection and a connection to God.
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Come and See

Visitors are invited to spend the day at Ampleforth, to explore the Abbey Church and enjoy our magnificent grounds and facilities. Whatever your reason for visiting Ampleforth, you can be assured you will receive a warm welcome.
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