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Welcome to Ampleforth

Pax, ora et labora

(Peace, pray and work)

A Way of Life

Ampleforth is a living, breathing community of monks and lay people who embody the fifteen-hundred year-old Benedictine precept: that we should live prayerfully, compassionately and humbly in the service of God and our fellow men.

Our Community

We are a community of more than 70 monks, who seek God according to the Gospel and the Rule of St Benedict. At the heart of our life together are our common celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours and the Eucharist, our private prayer, and our reflection on the Word of God in Scripture.
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Seeking God in Community

We seek to establish and maintain a joyful, simple and balanced life in prayer, work and time for each other. We aim to serve the Church and the world in all our works, including our traditional commitment to education, pastoral ministry and hospitality, trying to recognise Christ in all whom we meet.


God has always called out to the hearts of men to follow him. As a small community of men, seeking God and sharing each other’s burdens and joys, our life together is not for the many. But for those who are called, it is everything they could desire.
Work at home

Our work at home

  • We believe the wisdom of St Benedict can apply to a school community as well as a monastic one, while the connection between the two provides an education which includes, but goes beyond, academic excellence.

  • The tradition of hospitality is as old as the monastic life itself and today we welcome several thousand people each year – believers, non-believers and members of other faiths, of all nationalities, ages and backgrounds.  This tranquil place is not for our benefit alone.

Our work away

  • We serve eleven parishes across four dioceses.  We provide chaplaincy for prisons and schools and serve in hospices.  Every year we also lead a group of pilgrims to Lourdes where we are on hand to provide spiritual support for all who take part in the pilgrimage.

  • In 1996 we answered a call from the Bishops of Zimbabwe to found a monastery.  Today, the Monastery of Christ the Word at Macheke offers an oasis in this troubled country where priests and Zimbabweans from every walk of life can find spiritual renewal.

Visit the Ampleforth Abbey website below to learn more about our way of life.

"As we progress in this way of life and in faith, we shall run on the path of God’s commandments, our hearts overflowing with the inexpressible delight of love.” Rule of St Benedict.
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Our intent is to be Europe’s foremost Catholic boarding school. We aim to nurture talent wherever it is to be found; and we believe it is to be found in everyone. We have never been an exam factory, and this will not change. But our ambition for academic achievement is, and will stay, higher than ever.
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It is not enough that our children learn, but that they want to learn

We aim to instil the desire in for a lifetime of learning. This is an attitude, a value, that we cultivate for life.

You discover the best of yourself by helping others

To be the best you can be is, here at Ampleforth, not a glib mantra. It is difficult. It takes effort, responsibility and is fraught with setbacks. Yet that is our goal. And much, in terms of achieving that goal is done through service to others - others who need help, whatever form that help might take.

It is not so much about all-rounders as about all-round excellence

The point of having a huge number of arenas of activity available to each child is not that they become competent in all of them, but that they find the one or ones that they can become really good at. Then enthusiasm takes hold, the thrill of achievement is born and the shape of a life is changed.

Education is change, transformation

To get the most out of our journey through life, we must develop and grow. We hope that an Ampleforth education lays a solid foundation for the adventure ahead.

Visit our school websites to learn more.

If you would like to understand better how your child can benefit from and Ampleforth education, please visit our school websites below.
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Our Family

Many threads lead to this valley – from the homes of current and former Amplefordians and their families and from the hearts of the many friends who have come here seeking peace and reflection and a connection to God.
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Old Amplefordians

A connection that exists beyond the valley. An active global community of Old Amplefordians, united by a shared bond, founded in the College.


Parents of Old Amplefordians may have spent anything from five to twenty-five years visiting Ampleforth. Perhaps the visits have become less frequent but the connection still remains as strong.


Many discover Ampleforth through its retreat programmes, hospitality and pastoral works. Welcome, each and every one of you, to the family.

Our Journey

We travel together, our close family and friends around the world, on one journey to make Ampleforth stable and secure for years to come. We hope that you will consider walking with us a little way.

Visit Our Sites

  • Click here to learn more about the Ampleforth Society including events for Old Amplefordians, parents and friends.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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  • Click here to learn more about efforts to secure the future of Ampleforth Abbey & College for generations to come.

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Opening Our Doors

Our monastery, indeed our lives would be incomplete without guests. People come here for many reasons. Some wish to find peace, to be still, to seek relief from the pressures and stresses of contemporary life. Many come simply to take in our beautiful scenery and enjoy our Benedictine hospitality.

Come and See

Visitors are invited to spend the day at Ampleforth, to explore the Abbey Church and enjoy our magnificent grounds and facilities. Whatever your reason for visiting Ampleforth, you can be assured you will receive a warm welcome.
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“All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed like Christ”

Rule of St Benedict Chapter 53:1

Perhaps you would value some time out, some space for yourself, a chance to rediscover a sense of peace and calm. Perhaps you would value an opportunity to have some time to reflect on the direction of your life, and to reconnect with yourself and with God. We run a range of organised retreats throughout the year, and we also welcome many individuals who simply want a chance to relax and reflect privately.
Hospitality & Retreats

Abbey Church and Visitor Centre

The Abbey Church is always open to visitors and the monastic community welcome those who wish to join them in their services which take place six times a day. Our Visitor Centre provides a comprehensive insight into the history of Ampleforth, from the arrival of the community in 1802 and the establishment of the school, right through to the work of the monks today.

Abbey Shop and Tearoom

  • The Abbey Shop offers a wonderful selection of items, from the spiritual and devotional, to giftware, greetings cards and souvenirs.  Our own Ampleforth Produce is available to purchase too, including the award-winning Abbey Cider, Beer and Liqueurs.

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  • Take some time out to discover our Abbey Tea Room with its delicious light meals and freshly baked scones and cakes.  Furnished with Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson tables and chairs, the Tea Room offers a wonderfully calm setting for morning coffee, relaxed lunches and afternoon tea.

St Alban’s Sports Centre

St Alban’s Sports Centre offers something unique in North Yorkshire; an excellent, city-standard gym and a 25m swimming pool in the most beautiful uplifting countryside. We offer a range of fitness classes and many of the sports facilities are also available to hire for your own private use.

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Our Venues

Coupled with our excellent facilities, our magnificent setting in the tranquil heart of North Yorkshire makes Ampleforth the perfect location for Summer schools, conferences and events.
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Gilling Castle

Dating back to the 14th century, Gilling Castle provides a stunning back drop for events and celebrations during the school holidays. The Castle is home to our prep school, St Martin's Ampleforth, therefore the boarding and classroom facilities make it a perfect venue for summer schools and private residential courses.

Ampleforth Campus

During the school holidays we offer use of the boarding houses and facilities to organised groups such as language schools and sports camps.

The Windmill

Furnished with Robert 'Mousey' Thompson panelling and furniture, Ampleforth's private pub is available for hire for special occasions including birthday parties, christenings and weddings. The views across the valley are spectacular, making this a truly stunning venue.

The Grounds

Our 2,200 acre site boasts a variety or sporting facilities including rugby pitches, cricket grounds and hospitality Pavilions, flood-lit astroturf pitches, match ready tennis courts, an athletics track and a fully equipped Sports Centre with pool, squash courts and fitness suite.

Visit our website to learn more about the facilities on offer.

If you are interested in booking Ampleforth for an event or wish to find out more about the extensive facilities available in this stunning valley, please visit our website below.
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Our Orchard & Produce

Apples have been grown here at Ampleforth for well over one hundred years and more recently have been used to provide an income stream for our monastic community. Our fruit is used in the production of our range of apple juice, ciders and cider brandies.
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Ampleforth Orchard

Covering seven acres with more than 2,000 trees and 40 varieties of apples, our orchard is the largest commercial orchard in the North of England. Ribston Pippin is the oldest variety we grow and it originates from a tree grown locally, at Ribston Hall, in the seventeenth century.

Cider & Apple Products

All of our apples are picked by hand and pressed on site to produce our delicious apple juice. The juice is then left to ferment for at least eight months. The final product is our award winning cider.

Ampleforth Abbey Beer

Based on a centuries old Benedictine recipe, Ampleforth Abbey Beer is full bodied and Trappist in style. We are very proud of the beer, which is the only traditionally brewed Abbey Beer in England.

Out and About

Our beer and cider products can be found in many farm shops and delis in North Yorkshire and beyond. We are proud to support a number of local shows and festivals including the annual Great Yorkshire Show and the Harrogate Christmas Fair.

Ampleforth Abbey Drinks

To learn more about our products, please visit our website
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Our Journey

‘The crazier the world gets, the more Ampleforth makes sense.’ So said an Old Amplefordian recently when explaining why he intended to support us. We’ve started well on our journey towards securing Ampleforth’s future. The support and momentum you give us now is crucial.
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Currently the monastery is in poor repair, dark, noisy and lacking in privacy. Living quarters are basic and often damp, with the majority of monks served by only three bathrooms. We need to refurbish the monastery to provide a simple, homely and welcoming place for our community to live in.

Extending the Ampleforth Welcome

We are about to embark on a £4 million project – part-funded by £2.9 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund – to address much-needed repairs to the Grade I Abbey Church, Walker Organ and Grade II Monk’s Bridge and to enhance the visitor experience. Help us to achieve the remaining £700,000 required in match funding to complete the project.
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Bursary Fund

Expanding out Bursary Fund will help us ensure that no one is denied an Ampleforth education, whatever their background or means. We hope eventually to fund a significant proportion of our students through bursaries.

Support Ampleforth

With your help we can secure the future of Ampleforth and widen the welcome of the Valley.
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