23rd August, 2021

Online Ministry - Feedback Welcome

Ampleforth Abbey

We are evaluating our online ministry. If you listen to Home Prayers (HP) I would be grateful for your thoughts. Here are some questions to get you started…

  1. Has HP served its purpose during lockdown restrictions? Is it no longer necessary?
  2. Do you still see a purpose for continuing HP?
  3. Are you drawn to HP for the first half (prayer) or the second half (reflection)?
  4. For the reflection, do you look for a thoughtful consideration on what’s going on in the world or for spiritual guidance for what’s going on in your world?
  5. Are the reflections too short or too long?
  6. Would you like to see more variety in the readings and prayers?
  7. Is HP being ‘live’ important or would you catch up with it another time if it were recorded?
  8. Would you prefer video-streaming or is audio enough?
  9. Is HP being ‘live’ important or would you like it to be recorded?
  10. Do you join us online at other moments (Mass, Office, Home Retreats) or is it just HP?

Please feel free to add any thoughts, suggestions, criticisms, encouragement!

My email is chad@ampleforth.org.uk

Fr Chad Boulton OSB