St Margaret's

St Margaret’s was founded in Fairfax House in 2004, located at the southern end of the campus, with views of the valley and playing fields.

The house can cater for 70 girls. The first year girls sleep in dorms of four, second and third year girls have twin en-suite rooms and the sixth form have en-suite rooms.

Miss Gabrielle Foster, Housemistress from September 2017, was appointed to the History Department in 2015.  She holds a BA in History from the University of Durham, and a GTP. Gabrielle teaches throughout the year groups.  She also coaches hockey and is responsible for the girls and boys second teams. 

About St Margaret

St Margaret Clitheroe of York (1556-1586) was a well-known married Catholic woman in York. Marrying at the age of 18, Margaret converted to Catholicism and became a friend of the persecuted Roman Catholic population in the north of England. She was executed for harbouring Catholic priests in 1586 and was the first woman to be executed under the religious suppression of Elizabeth I.