With A-Level results being published on the 15th, and GCSE results one week later, students may understandably be feeling daunted as they await their news. However, as the wonderful mental health organisation 'Young Minds' have illustrated in their recent article, there are a few things to bear in mind that may hopefully make the process less stressful, and might even offer some encouraging advice.   

 As Young Minds immediately points out, 'exam success' is to some extent personally relative. It is important to be proud of your own achievements and not to compare your own success with that of any other. What is more, the article also provides helpful practical advice on what one might do if they miss out on the grades they were hoping for, such as applying through 'Clearing' and considering other universities to the ones they had initially planned on attending. The full article can be found here, and it is well worth a read for anyone anxious about their results and the implications for university.

Here at the College, we recognise the great importance of mental health, and the wonderful work that organisations such as Young Minds do to help particularly young people who may be struggling with mental health issues of any kind and who perhaps don't feel equipped or indeed confident enough to speak about it and ask for support. We celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week in May, during which we posted the poster below around campus, including some helpful advice that our students can take on board. 


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