We welcome to you to find out more about the application process at Ampleforth. Please see below for more information and the option to start the process and enquire now. 

Key entry points to Ampleforth College are into Years 7, 9 and 12. Subject to availability we also accept pupils into other year groups. The admission of any boy or girl is at the discretion of the Acting Head and is conditional on written acceptance of the Parent School contract, available on the College website.  For most families, the application process starts approximately three years before entry, with registration and a first visit to the school, but some families only begin the process the year before entry. Whatever your individual needs, we will work closely with you to ensure that your application progresses smoothly.

Year 7 Entry:

If you are interested in finding out more about an education from Year 7 at Ampleforth, we welcome you to join us for our Open Day on Saturday 6th October 2018. You can also have an individual visit by appointment to see the new Junior House, tour the campus with current students and meet key members of staff. 

To find out more and to arrange a visit, please contact our admissions office contact us

Year 9 Entry: 

We welcome students from prep schools and state schools, along with overseas students.

Students coming from Prep Schools will normally sit Common Entrance. Working alongside your Prep School, we will co-ordinate your application. Five terms before entry, your son or daughter will receive a conditional offer. This is dependent on achieving a minimum of 50% at Common Entrance.

Each year we enrol students who have come to us from other schools where they do not sit Common Entrance. In this case, your son or daughter will sit our non-Common Entrance assessment. 

Year 12 Entry: 

Each year approximately 30 students are able to join Year 12 for the Sixth Form programme. Ampleforth College’s excellent teaching, wide range of extra-curricular programmes and strong focus on developing well-rounded students attract many boys and girls who want to prepare for the transition to university. 

You can register for Year 12 entry at any point, but most families do so by Christmas of their son or daughter’s Year 10. Successful candidates receive offer letters in December of Year 11. They must have visited the school prior to this, or had a Skype interview with the Senior Admissions Registrar. 

Offers are dependent on an interview and a reference from the student’s current school and are conditional on successful performance in GCSEs or equivalent qualifications. We request in general a minimum of 3 5s and 2 6s for students following GCSE courses. 

If you are an Applicant from China looking for more information, please click here.