Boarding and Tuition Fees 2018/2019
Per AnnumBoarderDay
St Edward's & St Wilfrid's Junior House Years 6 to 8  


Per TermBoarderDay
St Edward's & St Wilfrid's Junior House Years 6 to 8  

Sibling Discount

Sibling deductions are:First ChildSecond ChildThird ChildFourth Child

Former sibling discount of 5% (day or boarder) applies if a pupil is not eligible for sibling discount but has an elder sibling that has attended the school previously. 

For children of HM Armed forces and HM Diplomatic Service personnel

A 10% discount is offered to the children of  HM Armed forces and HM Diplomatic Service who are in receipt of the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA). Means- tested bursary assistance may also be available, dependent upon individual circumstances.


The college tries to keep the cost of extras to a minimum and we make as many of them as possible optional. As a rule of thumb you might expect to pay £1,000- £1,500 a year in extras.

However, please be aware that certain extras may increase this balance further such as the cost of EAL in the Sixth Form and music lessons as described below. Escort by matrons to medical and dentist appointments can also add up, as can the entrance fees to public examinations. Optional trips abroad and some activities will also increase the charges.

Where possible you will be warned whenever significant extra charges are likely to be made.

Further details are available under the Activities Handbook in Co-Curricular.


2018/2019 fees are as follows:

Music Lessons College and SMA (35 min lesson)£31.00 per lesson (£29.00 for second instrument)

English as an Additional Language (Years 12 and 13)

£915.00 per term

English as an Additional Language (Years 9 to 11)No charge as this class replaces mainstream English
English as an Additional Language 1:1 lessons (All years)£38.00 per 50 minute lesson
Learning Support 1:1 lessons£38.00 per 50 minute per class
Day student extras:                                                            

College overnight 


St Edward's & St Wilfrid's Junior House Years 6 to 8 overnight£40.00

Our preferred method of payment of fees is by direct debit payable from a UK bank, please contact our fees officer for details: (Tel. 01439 766 869)

Parents wishing to make a lump sum fee payment in advance may like to consider our Fees in Advance scheme, please contact our fees officer for details and a personalised quote: (Tel. 01439 766 869)