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Various projects are available with the length of commitment varying from a few weeks (or even less) to a year. 

Application procedures will vary. In some instances, an application will be considered with interview and references, and in some instances an application can be followed without interview.

Please contact Fr Francis at Face-Faw: or at 01439 766797 or 07801 885318 (text or mob).


Francis Maria Libermann School Since 2006, Ampleforth has established links with this school. Amplefordians have helped in the school on some occasions.


Since 1983, Face-Faw have helped in the village of Buigiri in Tanzania - about 30k East of Dodoma City, or seven hours by bus from Dar-es-Salaam. Volunteers help in a Blind Rehabilitation Centre, a Blind School, and with other needs - for a few days or for many months. About ten Amplefordians have helped in Buigiri since 1993.


Since 1983 Amplefordians have lived, prayed and worked with the Manquehue Apostolic Community. Normally from March to September, sometimes at other times. Chosen by the Manquehue Movement. Includes helping in one of the three schools of the Manquehue Movement in Santiago - San Benito, San Lorenzo, San Anselmo - and sharing in the prayer and community life of the Movement. Several leavers of July 2015 have been chosen to help from March to September 2016.  


A commitment for one year. The Missionary Servants of The Poor of The Third World work in the mountain ranges of the Peruvian Andes. In Cusco, they work with 700 children.


Working with the Missionaries of Charity (sisters of Mother Blessed Theresa of Calcutta) in service of the sick and of the dying - from a few days to many months.


Helping in a school; various different schools, in different regions of Ethiopia, are possible. There are offers to help in schools in Addis Abada [received October 2014] and in Gondor [December 2013 and again in July 2015]. 


Helping with the poor and orphanages in North-East Romania, with Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation (RCHF-UK). Varying lengths of time. A message from RCHF-UK to Face-Faw on 4 February 2015 said that the support of Face-Faw volunteers is a massive boost to these poor children - in 2015 one Old Amplefordian helped with the Summer Camps. 


Going to Lourdes as a stagiaire to serve with the Hospitalite de Notre-Dame de Lourdes (different to the Ampleforth Pilgrimage, and NOT a school group).  In July 2015 the 35th Ampleforth Stage Group helped in Lourdes, including some recent Amplefordians.  The 36th Ampleforth Stage Group is planned for 7-15 July 2016, in the week before the Ampleforth Pilgrimage. 


Working with young children at the Julia Cente in Canacieras, Bahia in northern Brazil to help poor children aged 6 to 8 years, The Julia Centre was established in memory of Julia Thomson, killed in road accident in New York in September 2007 - the sister of Douglas Thomson (H96), William Thomson (H99) and Charlie Thomson (H06).


Teaching positions connected with monasteries in countries in Asia and Africa. To teach English for three to six months in monasteries. AIM is a Paris-based Benedictine organisation to serve monasteries in the developing world.



Working with the poor. The Order of Malta work in many countries, in every continent, with charitable work. In some circumstances it may be possible to volunteer to help.



Working in an orphanage near Mumbai - Our Lady's Home. Volunteers needed for a minimum of one month.


Living with a community of the handicapped L'Arche Community consists of those with learning disabilities and their helpers living together. L'Arche was founded in 1964 by Jean Vanier; today there are 130 L'Arche communities in 30 countries. Possibility of helping in a Community in France for 3 to 6 months.



Salta in NW Argentina This involves helping a charity in this town of Salta.