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What are the academic conditions required for entry at 13+?

A)    Scholarship Candidates

Details of the Academic Scholarship examinations are shown in the Prospectus. Candidates take the Common Scholarship Examination in February. It is usual for students to be prepared for the scholarship examination by their present school. The advice of the feeder school is critical in this matter. If you are unsure whether your child is of scholarship standard then please ask us. 

Scholarship application forms are available from The Admissions Office.

B)    Common Entrance Candidates

Candidates who come from schools that prepare for Common Entrance will be expected to take the examination. The average mark we look for in this examination is 50%. However, we will consider any candidate who may have difficulty reaching this mark if their circumstances and background make them suitable entrants for Ampleforth.

If you think your child may have difficulty reaching the average of 50% in Common Entrance please consult his present Headteacher and then contact the Admissions Office here as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangements.

C)    Non-Common Entrance Candidates

If your child’s school does not prepare them for Common Entrance we will assess their suitability for Ampleforth using interviews, a non CE assessment by our Head of Special needs, school reports and Head Teacher’s reference.


Does entry at 13+ guarantee entry into the Sixth Form?

No.  All of our students, both internal and external are expected to satisfy the entry requirements for the Sixth Form, grade B or above in at least five GCSE subjects or the equivalent


Do people join the College at other ages


7+ entry

St Martin's Ampleforth takes boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 13. Students from St Martin's Ampleforth are almost always assured entry to the College.

14+ entry

Yes. Each year several students join the school at the beginning of the two year GCSE course. They come from a variety of backgrounds both in the UK and abroad. Entry is subject to a satisfactory academic performance and reference. We like to interview such applicants.

Does Ampleforth accept students at Sixth Form (16+)?

Yes.  Every year a number of boys and girls join the school for the two-year AS and A2 level course. Further information on entry to the sixth form is available from the Admissions Office.

What are the academic conditions required for entry at 16+?

All Sixth Form entrants are expected to have achieved grade B or above in 5 GCSE subjects or the equivalent qualifications.  Those from other academic backgrounds will be considered on their merits but it will be essential to have a detailed reference from the present school. Those from overseas will be expected to have a good command of written and spoken English. They may be required to be interviewed by Ampleforth's representatives and we would prefer them to visit Ampleforth for an interview.

Are Scholarships available to those joining the Sixth Form?

Yes.  Academic and music scholarships are available to those who join Ampleforth at Sixth Form level. The academic scholarships are held in November and music scholarships in January. Further details are in the Scholarships and Bursaries booklet.

Application forms are available from the Admissions Office.