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This award seeks to promote the able, gifted and talented students who contribute to the holistic ethos of Ampleforth College. Developing these students is key to allowing Ampleforth to be a community where “where the strong have something to yearn for and the weak have nothing to run from”.

The Basil Hume Scholarship is awarded to students who display excellence in art, sport or theatre. An all-rounder award may also be awarded to students who display a strong aptitude for two or more of the three excellence areas or music. Applicants will be invited to an overnight assessment residential usually held in late February.

All potential scholars will be interviewed by the Director of Admissions, Mrs Rachel Fletcher, and the Head of Basil Hume Scholars, Mr James Rainer.


Art Excellence

This may be gained by displaying excellent talent and potential in the visual arts.

It is assessed by the staff of the Art Department who will judge work produced by the applicants during the assessment day.

Students should bring a portfolio of their work, which may highlight any specialism they may have; they will also be expected to be able to demonstrate their passion for the subject in an interview with the Head of Art.


Sporting Excellence

This may be gained by displaying excellent talent and potential in one or more sporting disciplines offered by Ampleforth College.

It is assessed by the staff of the Sport Department, testing students against national baseline data and using the professional judgement of our experienced coaches. We would also expect an application to be supported by a school, club or regional coach.

Students should be able to speak about their ambitions and successful applicants can expect mentoring and support to encourage them to make the most of their talent.


Theatre Excellence

This may be gained by displaying excellent talent and potential in the theatrical arts.

It is assessed by the Director of Theatre, directors of school productions and teachers from the Theatre Studies department. Applicants will be expected to perform a short prepared piece and will be expected to explain the rationale behind the piece they have performed; they should also expect to answer questions about their prior experience and their general dramatic interests. The applicants will be helped in the preparation of a performance of a blind text through an improvisation workshop.

Students should bring with them any relevant evidence to support their application; this could include any qualifications gained or reviews of performances within and outside of school.


The Basil Hume All-Rounder Scholarship

At Ampleforth we value the student who is able to contribute throughout our many extracurricular activities; indeed, it is expected of an Amplefordian. The All-Rounder scholarship is designed to support those who have particular talents in more than one area. This is a broad award; it could be that an individual could have achieved Excellence in more than one area or it could be an individual would not quite meet the criteria of Excellence in more than one area but who does generally perform above and beyond what might be expected.

All Excellence award areas are considered for All-Rounders, whilst Music is a very popular choice for an All-Rounder application. A single-instrumentalist/singer would be expected to be performing at Grade 5 whilst an application playing more than one instrument should have Grade 4 and Grade 3 in two instruments. Skills in Design and Technology, ICT and other extracurricular activities will also be considered in exceptional circumstances through conversation with the Head of Basil Hume Scholars.


All Scholarships are reviewed annually and are subject to the student continuing to make good progress and to them being a role model for other students. The Scholarship offers no financial reward, with funds instead being diverted towards the College’s bursary fund.

Further information on Basil Hume Scholarships can be found in the Academic section of the website



The scholarship application fee is £50. Cheques should be made payable to St Laurence Education Trust. For other methods of payment, please contact the admissions office.