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Ampleforth offers support for students with specific learning difficulties, and this includes individual extra teaching to supplement work done in main subject classes. Our approach aims to ensure that all individuals will reach their full academic potential.

Our aim is to support students within the curriculum, rather than to create a separate unit, and the approach used is a combination of individual tuition for specific problem areas, with general academic counselling and study-skills teaching. Students are normally seen individually, and in supervised study time rather than by withdrawal from other classes. Specific literacy problems are identified, then tackled using a structured, cumulative approach based on the work of Dyslexia Action. Computer programmes are used for memory and attention training; word-processing and voice-activated software are routinely available. 

Each student has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which summarises strengths and weaknesses, defines problems and offers specific strategies and targets. These IEPs are seen by all teachers and by the students to whom they refer. They are reviewed at least annually.

The Department's rooms are available daily for quiet study, and particularly for supervised prep sessions each evening. This enables students to work in a calm environment where they can obtain help when they need it.