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We are a forward looking and lively department with a strong academic tradition. 

Biology is taught as a separate subject to all pupils from Year 9 to Year 11 and in Years 12 and 13 for those who wish to further their study. At the end of Year 9, students choose either Biology (as part of a “triple science” GCSE package) or "double science" (Science with Additional Science). A substantial proportion of students study Biology at A level with three sets in Lower Sixth and two in the Upper Sixth being the norm.

We begin the GCSE courses in Year 9 and this gives us considerable flexibility of approach allowing extension of the narrow confines of the current GCSE specification where appropriate, for example stretching the gifted and talented. Our GCSE module tests are currently all sat in the Summer of the Year 11.

Our Sixth Form biologists sit one  AS examination in the January of the Lower Sixth and the second examination in the Summer term. All A2 examinations are sat  in the Summer. Students have opportunities to resit AS papers.