Ampleforth Abbey Orchard and Cider Mill


The Orchard and Cider Mill are currently closed whilst we redevelop our Visitor Experience, however you can still purchase Ampleforth Abbey Cider and Beer in our online shop.

For more than 200 years, we have been growing apples at Ampleforth Abbey. Today, with more than 2,500 trees growing over 10 acres, the Ampleforth Abbey Orchard is one of the largest commercial orchards in the North of England.

A succession of more than 50 varieties of apple ripen naturally between August and January in our traditionally managed orchards. Our full juice cider is crafted from a blend of dessert and culinary apples, pressed in our own Cider Mill where it is fermented and matured for eight months.  Why not come and see the Orchard in bloom and find out more about our hand crafted drinks production?  

Check back with us soon to find out more about our new Visitor Experience coming soon at the Orchard.