Retreats at Ampleforth Abbey 

Taking time away and joining an organised retreat here at Ampleforth can help us re-focus our priorities. What is this life for? What am I meant to do? How should I live? Who am I meant to be? These are fundamental questions, and they underlie many of the retreats and quiet days that we offer. There is a great variety of offerings, because we are all different. We encounter the Lord in so many different ways: in the Scriptures and in the Sacraments; in other people and in nature; in the deprived and the poor; in times of celebration and in times of stress.

We invite you to take the opportunity to deepen your spiritual life, to grow in love and receptivity, and to develop as human beings fully alive.

Retreat Programme

We offer a variety of spiritual retreats here at Ampleforth Abbey. Seeking God through a life of prayer is at the heart of monastic life, and we invite our guests to share in this during their stay.

Our aim is to provide opportunities for quiet listening, reflection and learning in the peaceful environment of a 21st century monastery. The view the full schedule, please click here. 


Retreat Accommodation

Ampleforth boasts a variety of retreat accommodation and facilities to suits everyone's needs. Accommodation is selected upon booking and will contribute to the overall cost of a retreat at Ampleforth. Rooms are available in The Archway, The Grange and The Guesthouse and we offer a number of packages from room only to full board starting at just £36 per person per night.  For further details and to check availability and book, please contact us on 01439 766486 or

To view the range of single, double and en-suite rooms available please click here.