Students and Young People

We are honoured that each year an increasing number of students and young people choose to spend time with us in this beautiful place, and we invite you to discover how a retreat at Ampleforth Abbey can best serve you.

Young people on retreat at Ampleforth.

After the unsettled nature of the past few years, we understand more than ever the importance of slowing down, taking time for yourself, and allowing yourself grace. This is especially significant during your time at university, and within this centuries-old place of prayer, you are warmly welcomed to relax, reflect, and find peace.

At Ampleforth Abbey you will find a safe and comforting space to complete assignments, reflect on your personal journey, take time to discern your next steps, or simply to give yourself time to be nourished within the beautiful environment of a living monastery. 

Without being intrusive, we will welcome you into our community and provide you with space to experience whatever is right for you on your unique journey.

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Organised Retreats

Carving on Abbey lectern.

Students and young people are very welcome on any of our organised retreats, and for 2022, we are delighted to be running a brand-new retreat specifically for those ages 18 to 35. 

Our Monastic Experience Retreat is a week-long retreat running in August and November, led by Fr Kevin Hayden OSB, and with contributions from other members of the community. Exploring the Rule of St Benedict, this retreat will look at how the work applies to life today, and how it nourishes and feeds your truest self.

As with all our organised retreats, the Monastic Experience Retreat offers community, friendship, and allows for time together with other people who are also exploring their faith. You will be provided with an experience of Christ, discovering his presence in your life, listening to his voice within you, in the scriptures, and in those around you.

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University Group Retreats

We are delighted to offer tailored retreats for university catholic societies and groups. We have hosted retreats for many universities including Sheffield, Lancaster, Hull, Sunderland, Leeds, York, Nottingham, Durham and Keele. The retreats are usually led by a member of the community and provide space to reflect and pray and to have quality time with others from your groups and societies.  

We would love to hear how we can support you in creating a tailored retreat for your group, so email or call us on 01439 766087.