Individual Retreats and Private Reflection

At whatever point you find yourself in life, you are very welcome to come and spend time with us at Ampleforth Abbey.

Abbey church overlooking a service.

In the busyness of life, we often forget to take time for ourselves, to recharge, reconnect, and re-engage with what nourishes us. Perhaps you would value some space for yourself, a chance to rediscover a sense of peace and calm within the stillness of the valley? Perhaps you would benefit from an opportunity to have some time to reflect on the direction of your life, and to reconnect with yourself and with God? Perhaps you sense a need simply to be present for a while or to get some well-earned rest?

Regardless of the reason, at Ampleforth Abbey all are truly welcomed and received with gratitude. As a valued and treasured guest, you will be greeted with sensitivity to your unique needs, wherever you are on your journey through life.

During your stay, you are welcome to spend time however suits you best. Your stay is your own, we are honoured you are choosing to spend time here. There are no restrictions on who is welcome at Ampleforth Abbey. Regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, all are assured of a genuine and compassionate welcome, where the individual is delighted in.

For more information about staying with us, visit our booking pages.