A retreat at Ampleforth Abbey provides the perfect opportunity to reconnect as a group, team, or organisation, and we would be delighted to welcome you.

With ample accommodation, break-out spaces, and private meeting rooms, Ampleforth Abbey can provide you with the space and time your group needs to connect and grow together. 

We will work with you to provide a retreat that suits your individual needs, tailoring your stay around your group need and individual requirements to make sure you leave feeling recharged and re-energised, ready for the next steps in your journey together.

There are no restrictions on who is welcome at Ampleforth Abbey. Regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, all are assured of a genuine and compassionate welcome, where the individual is honoured and delighted in. 

Group retreat overlooking the valley.

We’d love to hear from you and discover how we can support your group, and suggest you include the following information in your initial enquiry:

What is the nature of your group?

What is the size of your group?

How long would you like to stay?

What are you hoping to gain from your retreat?

Even if you don’t yet know the answers to these questions, email hospitality@ampleforth.org.uk and our Hospitality team can talk you through how best we might be able to serve you.