8th May, 2020

Home Retreats

Home Retreats

We in the monastic community particularly regret not being able to welcome people to stay here on retreat. We would like to offer to anyone who is interested, a series of simple short “Home Retreats”. We hope they will be of some value to you and are our way of continuing to welcome you here to Ampleforth, wherever you may find yourself.

Each retreat consists of a 10-15 minute reflection, given every Saturday morning at 11.00am by various members of the monastic community. Each reflection will conclude with a series of suggestions for activities and further reflection throughout the day, wherever you are. We hope you will then join us at 8:15pm to pray Compline together.

The retreats will have a particular emphasis on how monastic values can help all of us engage more fruitfully with the challenges and opportunities of life. 

They can be found live or can be watched later on YouTube – please click here.

The text containing the reflections and suggestions will be available on the Abbey news feed.

Saturday 9th May 

Listen and Live with Fr Kevin Hayden OSB

“Listen” is the very first word of the Rule of Saint Benedict. This retreat will focus on some ways in which listening to our lives can help unlock the riches already there!