Day Retreat for Friends of Ampleforth Hospitality

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Cost: A suggested donation based on £31.00 per person will fully defray costs, but this is a suggestion only and is left entirely at the donor’s discretion.

An opportunity to share the journey... 

A number of different people have shared time together on retreat at Ampleforth and discovered friends along the way. There is the beginning of a sort of community of retreat goers. Many people would like to be able to return more regularly and spend time with familiar faces – to strengthen that sense of community, of a journey shared.   

To that end we are beginning this year a series of monthly “days” with a very simple structure: coffee – a talk – some space for reflection, conversation or relaxation – a meal together – and some time for sharing and prayer together at the end.   

Whether you are a seasoned retreat goer, or someone who simply finds the possibility attractive, do please email to find out more or to book. 


Dates for the diary:   

Tuesday 9th November  

Tuesday 14th December  


Outline of the day:  

10.00am: Arrivals  

10.30am: Session  

1.00pm: Little Hour  

1.15pm: Lunch

4:00pm: Feedback Session  

4.45pm: Tea & cake