Boys and girls have separate accommodation.  The Headmaster and his family are resident in the Foalyard.  In addition, the resident Teachers and the Duty Matron may be contacted by any boarders throughout the night.

Common Rooms

Common Rooms (play rooms) are located in the Foalyard where boarders can play pool or table tennis or simply relax with a board game or a book. The Library provides another area for quiet reading, with newspapers and periodicals available for children to follow events and current affairs.  

IT Facilities

Each child is given their own email address enabling them to email friends and family, using the school's computers.  Outside class time, the children are not permitted unsupervised access to the internet and are not allowed to access social networking sites at any time.


There is a separate Infirmary area which has bedrooms which can be used if a boarder is unwell.  We have a Medical Room where boarders can receive medicine, see the nurse, matron or doctor. There is a member of staff on duty overnight and boarders can contact the duty member of staff at any time.

Tuck Shop

The Tuck Shop is run by the gap students. It is open on evenings after supper. Children have a spending limit which is dependent on their age.  Apart from sweets, crisps and soft drinks, the tuck shop also sells other items such as toiletries (combs, shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothbrushes etc.) and batteries.  Matron also has a supply of toiletries.

Outside the Boarding Areas

Boarders have access to our extensive and beautiful grounds.  As well as open spaces, we have a nine hole golf course, sports hall and an all-weather floodlit astroturf pitch.