The care and well-being of every pupil at St Martin’s Ampleforth is a priority.

Each child has a tutor who should be the first person contacted regarding any issue affecting the children.  Tutor groups are small allowing the tutor’s time to get to know their tutees well.   Tutor meetings give the children time to discuss issues.  Discussions are also sometimes held in year groups and there is also the opportunity for girls and boys to discuss topics in single sex groups.

We have a school Suggestion Box where children can put forward their ideas regarding school life.  The prefects, along with the Headmaster, go through the suggestions regularly to see which ones can be acted upon.  These successful suggestions are communicated to the pupils through Prefect led assemblies.

We also have a Food Committee, that meets with our Catering Manager on a regular basis.  As the majority of the food available at St Martin’s Ampleforth is made on the premises, food suggestions can be often be accommodated.  

PHSCE is taught through special assemblies, and longer topics are given time during the first activities sessions of each half term.  

Boarding children have their own discussion groups and the boarding staff and Matronal team are always available to children. Regular staff meetings enable communications to be shared across departments.  The Head has an overview of daily events and communicates directly with all staff, as well as with Ampleforth College.  There is a high degree of liaison between the College and St Martin’s Ampleforth in regard to the high standards for regular review and amendment of whole school policies.