The Gilling Parents' Association (GPA) was formed in September 2015 by the parents and staff to enhance the education of the pupils and to engage in activities which support the pastoral care of boarding and day children, and to support other parents. The Association seeks at all times to foster a constructive and co-operative relationship between its members and the School by supporting discipline, organisation and the school’s responsibility to deliver an effective curriculum.   

While the Association may take an interest in issues which affect the School as a whole.  It provides opportunities:

  • For parent members and school members to meet;
  • For members to gain a better understanding of the education and facilities offered by the School, to raise suggestions and help identify, through the Chairman working with the Head, areas for further development;
  • For members to participate and be informed as the School grows and develops.

The current GPA comprises of the Headmaster, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Representatives from each year group, Boarding Representatives and an International Representative.

The Association raises funds through a sub-committee of the Gilling Parents' Association, and where appropriate it contributes financially to specific projects intended to benefit the School designated as extras and/or larger school development projects.  The Association will take such other initiatives as it considers appropriate to achieve its objects, including an annual GPA social event.

At its recent meeting the GPA adopted three goals for the next few months:-

  • To review and make recommendations regarding uniform and sports kit.
  • To facilitate social and communication exchanges with parents.
  • To develop a sports provision strategy with the school.

In addition the Association will soon embark on an e-Questionnaire, to obtain parent feedback and ensure that the GPA properly represents the views of parents.

If you would wish to make contact with the GPA or with a Year Representative, please email

Current parents may access the GPA Constitution, Minutes and Member contact details on the parent portal.


Both my daughters came to St Martin’s Ampleforth aged 10 and have been full boarders through to their departure to Ampleforth College at 13. Their time in the school has been tremendously happy and has filled them with memories they will remember, with immense fondness, all their lives. I am proud to see how they have grown in independence and in learning. Both have thrived in the magnificent and very beautiful, country setting at Gilling and in the warmth and care that is provided by all the teaching and pastoral staff. There is truly a sense of family about St Martin’s, for every child, as well as a feeling of belonging to the wider and very special community that is Ampleforth.

Susan Sykes (mother of Jasmin & Ingrid)


Living in North Yorkshire

For me, used to living in a city like Barcelona, living in North Yorkshire, has been a gift.

It is here where I am aware of the wonderful cycles of the nature.

Surprising to get up early in the morning and see how the sun struggles to make its way among a dense blanket of fog, or to wake up with a reddish sun and ribbons of clouds that decorate the sky.

Sometimes, grey and rainy days are followed without a break... but you just need to think that they are necessary and that they are preparing a landscape that could not exist otherwise.

The kindness of the people of the Howardian Hills, makes you feel that you are not alone. You can always find a good morning and a smile when you come across someone. Everything makes me feel that I am part of the people surrounding me.

My children are happy to school, every day. Neither of my two children has tried to feign illness to stay at home.

At St Martins Ampleforth, they have both learned to respect their elders and be respected by them. They have learned to collaborate in studies and sports. They have enjoyed subjects previously hated. But above all, they have seen their teachers are concerned and care for  them at all times.  Here, the children shine.

The walks with my dog early in the morning, the sounds of the forest, the number of animals we see. And above all, light, the colours of the clouds and the sky, the sound of the wind through the leaves, the towering trees, and the wonder of small white and purple flowers in winter, when it is assumed that all sleeps, and they remind us that there is life and is making a beautiful spring.

I love to living here in North Yorkshire and my children love their school.

Victoria Nunez (mother of Jorge and Jimena)


My six children have all started off their school careers in the Nursery at St Martin's Ampleforth and the sense of belonging and security that they felt there has provided a very solid base for their school life. At present, I have three children in the school; they are thriving and very happy as they journey through to Ampleforth College, and happy children learn.

Being day children in a boarding school has broadened their horizons: they love the feeling of school life going on for 24 hours a day and the opportunity of staying for supper, clubs, and a night's boarding should they wish to. There is a real sense of family and community at St Martin's Ampleforth and the Benedictine Ethos that governs both SMA and
Ampleforth College is teaching them values that will help guide them through life, which is something I am profoundly grateful for.

Jo Torrens-Burton (mother of Elizabeth, Isabella, Catherine, Eleanor, Henry and Beatrice)