St Martin's Ampleforth and Ampleforth College are Benedictine schools under the guidance and care of the monks of Ampleforth Abbey. 

The Rule of St Benedict, written in the Sixth century, has provided a wise and enduring framework, both spiritual and practical, to guide religious communities ever since. It gives us, in the 21st century, an excellent guide for running a school in “the Lord’s service.”  St Benedict shows how, through prayer and work, the individual can grow closer to God through living in a community.  The Benedictine tradition appeals not only to Catholics but also to other Christians, who recognise the benefits of its balanced approach.

With the rule of St Benedict at the heart of all we do, the aims of St Martin's Ampleforth are:

  • Help the boys and girls of St Martin's Ampleforth to grow up inspired by high ideals and capable of leadership, so that they may serve others generously, be strong in friendship and loving and loyal toward their families.
  • Educate boys and girls in the life of the Christian faith and encourage them towards a free and mature responsibility in adult life.
  • Work for excellence in all our academic, sporting and cultural endeavours.
  • Ask all to give of their best.  We encourage all to value learning and the pursuit of truth.  We ask much from the children's strengths and support them in their weaknesses.