The recent ISI Inspection Report praises our pupils as ‘confident, articulate and sensitive communicators’ who ‘are positive in their support of and contribution to the lives of others around them, and display great respect for their own and others’ cultures.’ 

The report also notes that ‘the school succeeds in its aims to value learning and the pursuit of truth’ and ‘fully meets its aims to emphasise high ideals, educate pupils in the Christian faith and help them to develop a mature sense of responsibility.’ 

Dr David Moses is delighted with his first Inspection as Headmaster.  He says: “I am particularly proud of the recognition of the excellent personal development that we provide here at the Prep School.  St Martin’s Ampleforth is a place where each and every child feels safe and secure, and recognised as an individual, in line with the Benedictine principles that guide us.  This, for me, is one of the reasons why our school is unique and is something that sets us apart from other prep schools.”

The Educational Quality Inspection report highlights the quality of the children's personal development as excellent, and their academic and other achievements as good.  We also fully met all eight areas of the Focused Compliance Inspection for schools with residential provision, which includes sections referring to the quality of education provided and of the leadership in, and management of, schools.  We will now continue to build upon the excellent planning and teaching that was observed in the best lessons during the Inspection and also develop further the pupils’ use of high-order study skills and encourage even more opportunities for independent research. 

The report concludes by recognising that by the time the pupils leave St Martin’s Ampleforth, ‘they have developed the skills and confidence necessary for the next stages of their lives.’  

To view the full Independent Schools Inspectorate Reports for St Martin's Ampleforth please click the pdf downloads below.