Together with Felicity and Esther, we travelled to York University to participate in the Salter’s Chemistry Festival.

The first challenge included chromatography and testing miscellaneous powders and was  a detective based activity in which we had to solve riddles and mix substances to find out who committed a crime. We loved the activity and almost managed to solve it.

The challenge after lunch involved making a density pyramid. We were provided with seven flasks containing different liquids in all the colours of the rainbow. Our challenge was to see which one had the highest density. We all worked together very successfully as a team and we managed to finish in good time with only a couple of mistakes (and a lot of laughs) on the way. We had a few minor disagreements but on the whole always came up with a compromise to work on enthusiastically.

After the last challenge we enjoyed an exciting and thought provoking lecture about colour with many visual effects which resulted in lots of “oohs” and “ahhs”. We learnt about chemiluminescence and how it is used in everyday life for example in glow sticks.

Overall we can all agree that it was a fascinating and enjoyable day out.

by Soraya and Josie