A rare Guid Nicht Wi’ the Bairns o’ St Martin’s Ampleforth.

What a great night we had. Someone wrote: “The Great Chamber was festooned in tartan and Scottish flags, the poetry was polished up and the haggises were on the boil for our Annual Burns’ Night Supper and Reeling at St Martin’s Ampleforth on Saturday night. Our resident piper donned his glengarry and played a skirl on the pipes to welcome the ceremonial haggis while all the boarders, resplendent in bowties and tartan sashes, joined our guests by the roaring fire in the front hall before sitting down to a feast of poetry, song, Dr Moses’ erudite address on the life and work of Burns and, of course, haggis, neeps and tatties. Following a haunting rendition of ‘My Love is like a Red, Red Rose’ from Mrs Moses, we headed to the Long Gallery for a hoolie where the boarders danced until bedtime in a riot of Royal Stewart tartan, twirling and giggling. A rare guid nicht had by a’!”

Really, though, it was just an excuse for me to wear my 18th century frock coat and double box-pleated kilt – in Armstrong Tartan. Or so Mrs Moses said. It was especially good to light the fire and meet together in the main hall, and to use that remarkable space we call the Great Chamber. Rabbie would have been proud to join us.

David Moses