Karate Grading

We are pleased that a number of our pupils have been awarded karate grades at a recent grading session.

White to orange (first grade)

Maddie, Eirini, Gonzalo, Gonzalo, Ignacio, Katie B, Finbar, Joshua, Lili, Daisy

Double Grading and extra marks

The following impressed the Sensei John upon examination and were awarded further marks meaning they could double grade:

Mary went up a full grade (double graded) white, orange and red 

Stephen Z went a grade and a half up to red belt. 

Both are new to the sport.

Mid graders

Alvaro went from red to yellow

High graders

Stephen A went from brown jumped 1.5 grades to 1st kyu, next belt black!

Katie went from purple to be awarded temporary 4th kyu, and so on to full brown 

Well done everyone.