• 08 Oct 2018
    Making Apple JuiceAfter an hour  of chopping, shredding and pressing, members of Green Club produced over 6 litres of delicious pink apple juice from the apples they collected last week.
  • 04 Oct 2018
    Year 6 have been studying Light in Science.Today we observed light through a prism and were amazed to see all the different effects. We noticed that the shiny surfaces of the prisms behaved like mirrors and reflected the light.
  • 01 Oct 2018
    Surfing lessonsThe weekend the boarders had a surfing lesson in Saltburn followed by a very welcome hot drink.
  • 26 Sep 2018
    Harvest TimeThe children have been apple picking in the orchard at Ampleforth Abbey.
  • 20 Sep 2018
    Green ClubThe Green Club have been busy since the start of term.  The children have planted spring bulbs in the garden at the new house and this week they built a bug hotel.  We are hoping some bugs will move into the hotel soon.
  • 18 Sep 2018
    On Saturday night Roller-Disco came to St Martin's Ampleforth!Glowsticks, bracelets, ears and glasses added to the hilarity as girls and boys roller-skated around the sports hall, in the dark, to music! A great time was had by all!