Piping started at Ampleforth College with four pipers in 1995 and since then, under the directorship of Pipe Major Bryan Robinson, it has grown in strength each year and now includes a very healthy number of both pipers and drummers.

In 2004, with the support of the parents and the school, The Ampleforth Highlanders Pipes and Drums was formed. 

The band is made up of a number of personnel, pipers, snare drummers, tenor drummers, bass drummers and a drum major(s). Students learn to play on the practice chanter and drum pad.  Pupils at St Martin's Ampleforth have the opportunity to join the Pipe Band.

One of the most outstanding features of the band is its uniform. The band wears the Atholl Tartan and a unique rabbit-skin sporran in the school's red and black colours; the Glengarry Badge is that of the Black Watch, as is the band tie that all members wear in recognition of the link with the parents of the school.