Lyceum Group

The aim of the Lyceum is to provide an enrichment for our pupils in Years 7 and 8 who are given weekly opportunities to explore new and exciting challenges designed to help them to develop their talents, discover new interests and prepare themselves for the world beyond the classroom.  At Lyceum they are encouraged to discuss, debate and assimilate new information, arriving at informed opinions, which they are able to defend in a logical and reasonable manner.   Above all they are encouraged to think.     

 Lyceum sessions this year have included the following:

  • A Potted History of the English Language with Jill Wood
  • What is Energy with John Devitt
  • Antibiotic Resistance:The Bugs Fight Back with Dr Julie Johnson
  • Can Adventure be a career? with Harry Hogg
  • All about Earthquakes with Professor Glover
  • Blinky The Three Eyed Fish and Nuclear Reactors with Mr John Warden
  • Ways to Make Moral Decisions with Mrs Gaelle McGovern