One of the unique features of this school is its location, and in particular the Castle’s proximity to some incredible ancient woodland. 

This woodland is a fantastic, sometimes magical, learning resource for the school.  We are lucky enough to have over 2,000 acres of stunning North Yorkshire Countryside as part of our school.

Each week the Pre-Prep children put on their wellington boots and don their waterproof clothing for their 'Forest School' sessions.

In a modern risk adverse world it is an invaluable opportunity for these children to learn how to identify and manage risk through woodland activities, including fire lighting and shelter building, using tools and the natural resources surrounding them.

As part of our activity programme, older children respond well to the ‘Bear Gryll’s’ style survival challenges as well as mountain biking, cross country running and even dog walking clubs.

We also have access to three lakes and these are often used for science lesson extensions such as looking at waterbourne insects and birds.

Our Green Club is developing the school garden which now has raised beds for herbs and vegetables, a wildlife pond and a bog garden.