Activities take place as part of the weekly timetable. Years 7 and 8 have a double lesson set aside for Activities each week. 

Our aim is to provide an appropriate and exciting choice during these sessions which enable children to try new things such as fencing, shooting, riding, cycling, climbing specialist sports, drama, music and art; debating chess and archery are just some of the options available on a half termly cycle.

Currently, teachers provide the expertise for about half of the activities, but as part of the provision we have recourse to bring in some specialist coaches and instructors to offer quality tuition in activities such as horse riding, fencing, Forest School, shooting, drama and tennis. These are offered as paid extras. In this way, children have also have the opportunity to gain competence and/or certification from sporting bodies.


In the evening, Monday to Friday, the school operates an after-hours’ voluntary Clubs scheme. The cost of participation in clubs is £10 per term and this pays for an evening meal and participation in a range of pursuits designed to give the children opportunities to use the school’s excellent indoor and outdoor facilities. This includes the golf course, tennis court, sports hall, pitches, art room and woodlands, hockey, cross country running, extra art classes, maths or extension classes.  Ampleforth College also provides facilities for our use during this time and we can take children to the swimming pool or the dance studio.

Weekend Activities for Boarders

Living successfully in a boarding community is often about making good choices and our aim is to encourage participation and involvement to enrich the experience. Teachers, together with boarding staff, provide the children with a full and varied programme of activities over the weekend.  These have included theatre or cinema trips, rock climbing, baking, paintballing, mountain biking, swimming, dry slope skiing, den building, bowling, ice skating and a trip to the ‘Chocolate Story.’