Admissions Process

Parents may register a son or daughter at any age. The completion of a registration form and the payment of the registration fee does not guarantee a place, but will ensure that the appropriate documentation for subsequent stages in the admissions procedure are dispatched in good time.

When the number of registrations for a particular year reaches capacity, the year list will be closed and a waiting list will be brought into operation.

  1. You make an enquiry to the school and provide your contact details.
  2. A prospectus is sent to you with an invitation to visit the school.
  3. You contact the school to arrange a visit.
  4. A visit is arranged and you will meet the Head and have a tour of the school.
  5. A follow up letter is sent to you to ask if you would like to proceed.
  6. If you would like to proceed you complete and return the registration form and fee to the school.
  7. A taster visit is arranged for the pupil concerned at which time assessments will take place. If a taster is not possible (overseas) then an assessment will be made online.
  8. If the assessment is satisfactory then an offer letter is sent from the school.
  9. You send a confirmation of acceptance of the offer along with the relevant forms and the confirmation fee.
  10.  References are sought by us from the pupil’s previous school.
Confirmation of Entry

We ask you to confirm you will accept the offer. This is an important legal part of the process, and it is important that you read the parent contract which we will ask you to sign. In confirming that you are going to accept the offer of a place, you are asked to pay a deposit, currently £750 (except for Nursery). This is a returnable deposit, which will be credited to the bill at the end of the final term. For non-UK domiciled applicants there is an additional deposit of £2,500. Acceptance of the confirmation fee constitutes a firm promise of a place, subject to any entry requirements outlined being achieved.

The confirmation fee will not be returned if parents subsequently choose not to enter their son or daughter for Ampleforth College. It will be returned if, for any reason, academic or otherwise, the Headmaster decides he will not admit the student. Students placed on the waiting list will not be required to pay the confirmation fee until the firm offer of a place becomes available. Once an entrant is confirmed, a term's notice is required for withdrawal. Fees in lieu of notice will be required if less than a term’s notice is given; in this circumstance, parents will be required to pay a term's fees but the confirmation fee and the additional deposit (where relevant) will be refunded.