Our aim is for every pupil to achieve all that their own particular ability and talent will allow.

We strongly believe that the learning of maths should be an enjoyable process. All too frequently pupils come to us hating maths or with a phobia that they 'cannot do maths'. We hope we overcome this with our approach. Children should expect to succeed and enjoy doing so.

We strongly believe that pupils should be provided with a sound grounding in the 'basics' of mathematics - facts, language, notation, methods, techniques & concepts.

We hope that they will achieve a level of competence sufficient to cope with the level of maths that occurs in everyday life.

Wherever possible, practical approaches to mathematics are adopted.

We strongly believe it is essential for a pupil to gain an understanding of the material and not simply learn a whole set of rules or procedures to apply.

To this end we enter as many children as possible for the UK Junior Maths Challenge, a challenge which contains lively, intriguing multiple choice question paper, which are designed to stimulate interest in maths and encourage mathematical thinking.

Those who achieve high scores in the challenge are invited to attempt the ‘Junior Maths Olympiad’ - designed to stretch and test the top 1% of year 8. We have had children sit this challenge with some awarded medals for coming in the top 100.