English as an acquired language

English as an Acquired Language (EAL)

A pupil who may need additional English Language support is first assessed using the Cambridge Placement Tests and any subsequent language programmes deemed necessary are tailored to meet his/her specific needs. Additional language support is provided in formal timetabled EAL lessons in the first instance, these lessons replace mainstream English and there is no extra charge to parents. Any pupil who falls into bands A1 or A2 on the Cambridge CFER scale will be directed to one to one language tuition, payable per session. Parents are also at liberty to request one to one tuition in discussion with the school.

EAL teachers, teachers in other academic departments, tutors and teaching assistants share their academic and pastoral observations and targets for EAL students which are used to ascertain progress and allow for early intervention of additional support as needed.

The function of the EAL department is to help individual pupils improve their English language skills, to help them fulfil their full academic potential and to flourish socially.