Art and Design

The Art and Design Course aims to provide opportunities for pupils to work in a wide range of media. The work is based on a series of structured projects which encourage them to produce creative interpretations of a wide variety of themes.

Explore the basic elements of line, shape, form, colour, tone, pattern and texture. A spiral curriculum allows for development of ideas, skills and research. Pupils are introduced to a large number of famous artists, those from history, from other cultures and present day working artists. Many of the Art schemes of work have cross curricula links with other subjects and departments throughout the school, often enabling shared trips and outings.

All children keep a sketchbook record of all their work. They are encouraged to be increasingly independent as the Projects become more involved and thought provoking. There is an evening Art Activity for all interests and abilities.

At each Parent's Day an exhibition of pupils’ current work is displayed.  The Art aims to reflect the Benedictine ethos of the school, with many beautiful artefacts made by the students regularly used in special Masses. Candlelit Processions and displayed in our School retreats.