Our children are on a learning journey

At St Martin's Ampleforth we aim to instill a lifelong habit of learning.  In the early years we concentrate on reading well and understanding.  Later the focus shifts to being able to articulate that understanding.  

St Martin's Ampleforth pupils performed well at Common Entrance (CE) in June 2016, with 100% of the children achieving an average grade of C or above, and 80% achieving a grade B or above. The school is serving the students well, with 27.5% of pupils achieving one or two grades higher than their MidYIS target grade. Data provided by the College suggests that preparation for CE is consistent with a student’s longer term academic potential at GCSE and that this correlation is stronger for our pupils when compared with those coming from other prep schools.

Scholarships to senior schools

A significant number of our departing Year 8 pupils attract scholarships from Ampleforth College or other Independent secondary schools.   These scholarships range from the purely academic to music and all rounder awards.   As part of our Gifted and Talented programme, talented pupils are identified, encouraged and supported early on which has significantly raised the number of scholarships awarded in recent years.