Fitness Facilities

Admission Policy 

  • Children under the age of 14 years are not permitted access to the Fitness facilities. Children aged 14-16 years may access the Fitness facilities under supervision of a parent/guardian.16 years+ users can access the Fitness facilities as normal.
  •  All users for the fitness suite must have received a full induction into the use of the equipment prior to using the facilities. Alternatively, competent individuals can sign a waiver form to allow access. Records of these will be kept on site. No equipment can be used without having had either an induction, or signing a waiver form.
  •  All users should dress appropriately at all times. Suitable footwear to be worn at all times e.g. trainers. Under no circumstances should you been seen wearing no footwear while using the fitness facilities.
  •  All users are advised to bring a sweat towel and a water bottle to ensure sufficient fluid is consumed and machines are wiped down after use. There is a drinks fountain located in the gym to consume fluids. We do not provide water bottles or plastic cups but please feel free to bring your own.
  • Users must wipe down machines after use. Disinfectant wipes will be provided in the fitness suite.
  • Users should notify management if they suspect any of the equipment is faulty or damaged.
  •  Private outside coaching/Personal Training is forbidden.
  •  Dropping weights is not permitted as our floor is not suitable to withstand such force.
  • Changing area is provided on ground floor and is shared with swim users. 
  • In case of an emergency, and the alarm is sounded, please follow directions from staff or follow the emergency exit signs.
  • Use of bad language is not acceptable.
  •  Users are not permitted to sit chatting on machines while waiting as this could prevent other users from access.
  • Lockers are provided in the gym and down the corridor of the changing rooms. User can use these free of charge.
  • The Centre holds no responsibility for lost or stolen belongings.