Ampleforth Society Officials

Listed below are details of all those involved with the running of the Ampleforth Society.  If you would like to learn more about the possibility of joining the General Committee or wish to put yourself forward as a Regional Branch Ambassador, please do email or telephone 01439 766884.

The Abbot of Ampleforth 

Vice President
Fr Wulstan Peterburs OSB, Headmaster of Ampleforth College 

David O'Kelly (C81)

Philippa Jalland (M13), Ampleforth Society Coordinator

Fr Hugh Lewis-Vivas

The Trustees
The Abbot of Ampleforth 
Fr Wulstan Peterburs
David O'Kelly (C81)
Jeremy Deedes (W73)
Patrick Tolhurst (C99)

The General Committee
Patrick Tolhurst (C99)
Sara Anderson (A09)
Sophie Ryan (A09)

Rory Smith (H09)

Lizzie Miller (B11)

Philippa Jalland (M13)

Roland Walker-Wood (T09)


List of previous Secretaries (Kindly provided by Fr Anselm):

Ampleforth Society - Founded under Prior Kearney, 14 July 1975

Secretaries (To 1931 from Minutes Book 1, Archives L43)

1875 John W Pickton c1865, Liverpool

1878 Theodore Froes c1871, Liverpool

1882 Joseph S Hansom c1863, London

1889 George Courtney Wray c1876, London

1892 John Fishwick c1872, Liverpool

1895 Nicholas Cockshute c1878, Preston

1897 Pierce Joseph Tucker c1886, Wolverhampton

1900 John Michael Tucker c1886, London

1920 R Abney Hastings 1910, Ayrshire

1926 G Basil King 1920, Birmingham

1931 CR Simpson 1914, Catterick Camp

1934 GSI Rittner 1923

1941 Dom Oswald Vanheems (1921)

1968 Dom Felix Stephens (H61)

1994 Dom Francis Dobson (D57)

2009 Dom Hugh Lewis-Vivas

2016 Philippa Jalland (M13)