Won : OAGS 6 ½  – OGGS 1 ½


Martin Hattrell again organised a Sunday game at Sunningdale against our friends from Downside and was back on form to record a convincing win for the team - even after lending Chris Healy to the opposition for the afternoon game !




James Faulkner and Chris Healy beat James Stephens and Simon Stephens                          9 and 8.

Luca Gerolla and Simon Hardy beat Chris Mansfield and C Chignell                                            7 and 6

William Frewen and George Hattrell beat Stephen Henderson and Philip Purdon               1UP

Martin Hattrell and Matthew Camacho beat Julius Stephens and Gavin Bruce-Smythe    9 and 8



(Chris Mansfield and Julius Stephens being unable to play in the afternoon)


James Faulkner and Matthew Camacho beat James Stephens and Chignell                          2 and 1

George Hattrell and Luca Gerolla beat Bruce-Smythe and Henderson                                      5 and 4

Simon Hardy and Martin Hattrell halved with Simon Stephens and Philip Purdon                                Halved

William Frewen lost to Chris Healy (honorary OG for the afternoon)                                        I UP