Result:  Win 3 – 2 (with assistance!)

The Match Managers (on both sides) had brought this match forward from early October to late June in an attempt to generate more interest and raise the numbers per side.  In this we signally failed, and this time it was the OAs who fell short, there being only 6 of us.  Alex Codrington was given the ‘pink ticket’ despite having to dash off to his son’s birthday party. However, we dragooned an Ashdown member to join us which he said was a considerable honour.  Which must be right, as he is an Old Wykemist.

Be that as it may, we found ourselves with the course largely to ourselves and at the start of the period of fantastic weather we have all been enjoying.  We played singles with a 3 ball at the back of the field. According to the score sheet, to which nobody pays much attention, the OAs won 4/3 but I think the honour falls to the OPs who at least turned up with a full side.

The course is in great condition, and with the ground hard and the rough high, is a considerable challenge even to the best golfers. We enjoyed a splendid lunch with the usual accompaniments and promised each other to turn up next year with a fuller side than we have achieved in recent years.  We are aiming at 10 a side.  

Those OA’s who played were: Alex Cuppage, Nick North, Alex Codrington, Crispian Collins, Philip Quigley, Mike Tibbatts.