27th August, 2019

Update from OA Rory Smith and our London Committee

Brompton Oratory

The Ampleforth Society's London Committee is one of the longest-running and most active regional branches of the Society. Made up of a small but proactive and dedicated group of London-based Society members, the Committee help organise, oversee and host around ten events per year in and around the capital. 
From after-work drinks and Mass, to business and ethical fora, careers networking, sports fixtures and the annual carol concert in the heart of the city, the branch welcomes all members to a diverse calendar of events throughout the year. 
2019 has been one of the best years yet for Ampleforth Society events in London after the success of the second St Laurence Ethics Forum, a busy Brompton Oratory Mass and drinks in May, several year group reunions and the new London pub nights taking place around the city. 
After a successful inaugural evening in South London, all members are invited to join us for the second pub night taking place at 19:30 on 12 September at The Burlington Arms in Mayfair. 

This gathering will be hosted by the Ampleforth Society's London Committee, alongside Ampleforth's Development Executive, Dionne Saville, and the Ampleforth Society Coordinator, Bron Bury. We would be delighted to see you there and hear your thoughts and feedback to help shape the future of the Society in London. 

Rory Smith (H09)
This feature was kindly produced by Rory Smith (H09), Chair of the Ampleforth Society's London Committee.​​​​