18th March, 2020

OA Guest Lecture: Professor Tomasz Mroczkowski

Professor Tomasz Mroczkowski

On Wednesday 26th February, we were delighted to welcome back to the Valley, Professor Tomasz Mroczkowski (J67), who visited Ampleforth whilst on sabbatical from the Department of Management at the American University, Washington DC.

During his stay, Tomasz very kindly offered to deliver a talk to current pupils of the Middle Sixth. His presentation, entitled: ‘Some reflections 30 years after the fall of Communism’, surveyed the collapse of Communism in the late-twentieth century, discussing the factors which led to the fall of many Communist regimes across the world in this period.

Tomasz’s talk also included an examination of the work of American political scientist, Francis Fukuyama, before posing the question: did the fall of the Berlin wall really mark the “end of history”?

Before concluding the talk, Tomasz welcomed an array of questions from students, prompting broader discussions of President Trump’s first term in office, as well as Britain’s geopolitical position post-Brexit.

We wish Tomasz a safe journey on his future travels and hope to see him again during one of our forthcoming series of events across the Atlantic!

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