1st April, 2020

OA Book: Dick Twomey's Wing Tips

Wing Tips
In Wing Tips, Old Amplefordian Dick Twomey (B49) tells the story of his extraordinary career in aviation; from his early days crafting model airplanes in the Ampleforth College Model Aero Club, through to his instrumental role in establishing the Aeronautical Society of Mauritius.

Upon completing his service with the Royal Air Force, Dick’s career would go on to feature over 31 years in commercial aviation, including stretches with several major airlines: Cambrian Airways, British European Airways (BEA), British Airways (BA), Berlin European Airways, and Air Mauritius.  

In his foreword to Wing Tips, Rear Admiral Simon Henley, President of the Royal Aeronautical Society, writes: This book is the story of a man who has applied meticulous thoroughness to his flying career (the early aircraft he flew would not have forgiven him for anything less). Beyond the guidance the book offers for those wishing to turn a fascination with flying into a career, Wing Tips’ remains a story of true determination and dedication. This is captured perfectly by Marc Serge Rivière, MA PHD, Professor Emeritus, University of Limerick, Ireland:  

‘In his memoirs, Dick Twomey writes convincingly of aeronautics and life with assurance and poise chiefly because he has lived, and continues to live, life to the full. I have no doubt that the book will enlighten, and bring pleasure to, many readers.’  

To find out more about 'Wing Tips', please contact Dick via email: r-twomey@live.com.

ISBN: 978-99949-0-645-1