21st January, 2019

OA and Parent Sky-Dive Opportunity for FACE-FAW


On Sunday 19th May 2019, three members of staff and two Upper 6th students (one girl and one boy) will join two members of the senior management team in a charity tandem free-fall parachute jump in aid of FACE-FAW.


Two further places are reserved on the sky-dive team for one OA and one parent. A silent auction is now open to OAs and parents who wish to bid for their chance to jump. To nominate yourself, please contact Ellie.Wadsworth@ampleforth.org.uk referencing ‘FACE-FAW sky-dive’ in the subject title. Within your message please state your category as an 'OA' or 'Parent' along with your pledge amount (parents who are also OAs, should select the ‘Parent' category).


The highest offers for each category received by 12 noon on Thursday 14th February 2019 will successfully secure a place on the sky-dive team. Participants will then invite family and friends to sponsor their challenge.


More about FACE-FAW:


Through the St Laurence Education Trust (registered charity number 1063808) FACE-FAW provides Ampleforth College students with an opportunity to support a wide range of worthy causes across the world. We fundraise and then re-distribute all money to charities specifically selected by our students. Our hope is that this allows our students to engage with the Christian works of mercy: to feed the hungry; to give water to the thirsty; to clothe the naked; to shelter the homeless; to visit the sick and the imprisoned.


To learn more about the work of FACE-FAW and the charities we support, please contact Daniel.Davison@ampleforth.org.uk.


To find out more about arrangements for the sky-dive, please contact Miles.Blackford@ampleforth.org.uk.