27th March, 2020

New Features on Ampleforth Global

Ampleforth Global

Ampleforth Global is your “one stop shop” for all things Ampleforth Society! Over the coming weeks and months, we are going to be using the platform to stay connected and offer opportunities to keep in touch with Ampleforth and each other, as well as offer support to those struggling during this time.

What’s coming up on Ampleforth Global?

We have set up a new Prayer & Spirituality Group on Global, where we will be sharing information, prayers and resources from the Monastic Community. This group is a place for you to also share prayer requests, reflections and meditations of your own. Please post anything that has inspired you, we would love to hear from you!

This week we are launching the Business Directory, where you can list your business and inform fellow members of the Society about what you do and any offers you have during this time. Do browse the listings in coming weeks and support fellow Society members where you can. This will be free to all members until the end of July at the very least, so make sure you get your business listed as soon as possible.

Over the coming weeks we will be looking for new and interesting content to share with the wider Society, as well as some online social events, all of which will be shared via Global. Producing a podcast? Making videos about your interests? Setting up an online chess competition? We want to hear from you!

Don’t forget that you can reach out to fellow Society Members for help and mentoring with work. Over 70% of our members are happy to offer help and guidance to you. Have a look through the directory and get in touch with each other, now is a time for support more than any other.

How can I join?

Ampleforth Global is free to all Society Members, visit https://ampleforthglobal.org.uk and sign up today in a few easy steps!

If you have any questions or ideas for how we can connect please contact: societymail@ampleforth.org.uk