27th February, 2020

ISI Inspection Update from the Head of Ampleforth College

Robin Dyer

Dear Old Amplefordians, Parents and Friends,

I am writing to let all members of the Society know that ISI has announced that we have passed their recent compliance inspection. There is no category other than pass or fail so this is excellent news. Our task now is to acknowledge all that we have done right since the last inspection and build on this, but also to seek to improve further, for the benefit of all our students. 

Essentially, we have been officially recognised as a professionally led school, with the excellent systems of care, responsibility and accountability expected in today’s boarding schools. Since October 2019 we have put in place a new group of Trustees who are insisting on the highest quality of leadership at all levels within the school. We must now seek to maintain standards that far exceed the minimum requirements of the regulators. Our students, and their parents, deserve no less. 

What will this look like? Well first, you will have to put up with me for a bit longer. The Trustees have asked me to stay on until at least January 2022. This I am extremely happy to do, and I have to say that Penny is delighted. This school has got under my skin; it has so much exciting potential and it would be good to embed the changes that we are making and to establish a strategic plan that will be relevant to the lives of Amplefordians in the next ten years and beyond. 

This plan will be founded on the principles that sustain Catholic education and Benedictine values. The notion of the growth of the individual as part of a dynamic community, equipping our young people with the skills and attitude that enable them to thrive in the world and to benefit the communities they go into, at university, or the world of work, or indeed their close relationships. To do this we are reinvigorating an Ampleforth tradition, a style of teaching and learning that develops independent thinking, learning and coping. This will enhance the students’ experience in all aspects of school life and enable them to become the confident communicators, creative and resilient problem solvers, collaborators and leaders that are wanted in the workplace today.

Thank you to all members of the Society for your continued patience and support, Ampleforth can now move forward with drive and ambition as a leader in education and with excitement about the future. Your support has been truly tremendous, and I look forward to seeing many of you at our upcoming events here in the Valley and beyond. 



Ampleforth College