9th April, 2018

A Gift in Memory of Fr Francis OSB

Fr Francis

Many Old Amplefordians and friends of Ampleforth have asked how they could mark the memory of Fr Francis Dobson, in recognition of his influential teachings which enriched the knowledge and broadened the horizons of all that he taught and met, especially through his chaplaincy and work with Lourdes and Face-Faw.

Those of you reading this will know of Fr Francis’ compassion and his commitment to helping those less fortunate, troubled and lost. His influence stretched beyond the Valley, where his work touched and inspired those around him, promoting acceptance and participation.

The Monastic Community of Ampleforth and the family of Fr Francis would like to reflect his emphasis on opportunity and inclusion with a bursary fund. This fund would be for the benefit of a child who is perhaps experiencing unconventional or unsettled circumstances, who demonstrates a resilience of character and possesses talent and qualities that will help them to flourish at Ampleforth. We believe Fr Francis would delight in such support, enabling participation and realising potential for someone who would never expect to gain a place at Ampleforth.

Fr Francis’ bursary will provide the stability of an exceptional Ampleforth education, underpinned by the Benedictine values that form a strong moral and spiritual code - a Compass for Life. Whilst the bursary itself will open doors to a bright and aspirational future, the placement will be guided and encouraged by Fr Francis’ humanitarian example - an everlasting influence for the next generation.

If you would like to make a donation to commemorate Fr Francis in this way, a donation form can be downloaded here.

For further information please contact Sue Fisher, Director of Development: Sue.Fisher@ampleforth.org.uk or telephone +44(0)1439 766766.