9th July, 2020

Auction of Paintings by Fr Martin Haigh OSB

Fr Martin Hague - photo by Michael Dunne (A46)

We are thrilled to share that, with the permission of the monastic community, we will soon be auctioning off a select few of Fr Martin Haigh’s greatest works. All proceeds will go towards supporting the monastic community of Ampleforth through the Ampleforth Abbey Trust (registered charity number 1026493).

Curated with the help of the monastic community, this year's collection features a handpicked selection of 25 paintings which reflect Fr Martin's abiding passion and experimentation with different painting techniques and styles. Furthermore, for the first time ever, the auction will run completely online, making it easier than ever to purchase one of these prized paintings. 

This year's auction will go live at 12:00pm on Wednesday, 22nd July, and will close at 5:00pm on Friday, 31st July.

To receive the auction brochure and other direct communications related to the paintings, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Bron Bury, Ampleforth Society Coordinator, via development@ampleforth.org.uk.

We hope this sale provides you with an opportunity to remember Ampleforth's former teacher of Art and French, Games Master and Housemaster of St Bede’s House, Fr Martin Haigh OSB.

Photo of Fr Martin Haigh in his studio taken by Michael Dunne (A46)