10th May, 2019

2019 St Laurence Ethics Forum

2019 SLEF

Thank you to everyone who attended our second annual St Laurence Ethics Forum.

Navigating the complex world that we live in today means that we encounter ethical dilemmas in all walks of life, and the opportunity to hear each of the guest speakers explore such challenges was truly fascinating.

The panel of guest speakers at the 2019 St Laurence Ethics Forum featured: 

Dr Brian Klug

David O'Mahony

Brigadier Nicholas C. Perry DSO MBE

Following an introduction from Old Amplefordian Patrick Tolhurst, founder of the St Laurence Ethics Forum, each of the speakers moved to discuss the theme of ethical decision making in the 21st century by referencing scenarios from their own distinguished careers. Guests were keen to utilise the panel’s expertise, of which there was an abundance of subjects raised from our everyday responses to climate change, to the media's current re-examination and scrutiny of intense political unrest in previous decades.

The thoughtful conversations continued long after the official proceedings had concluded and an enjoyable night was had by all.

"Thank you for organising this insightful evening. We were blessed with highly intelligent and extremely well spoken speakers who reached far into the depths of morality and decision making. Well done." OA Joe Vincent (O91)

"Totally agree, a tremendous dissection through 3 purposeful lenses, plus the added benefiting catching up with some ‘91 legends." OA David Lowe (H91)

Many thanks to Patrick Tolhurst for orchestrating this fantastic event.

A more extensive summary of the event, as well as a date and theme of next year’s colloquium will follow shortly.

2019 SLEF